Scam medium:

  • Email and text
  • Internet


  • Individuals

A scammer convinces you to enter a virtual, online relationship so the scammer can gain your trust and affection. This can occur through:

Eventually, the scammer may ask you:

Scammers will try to use any means necessary to convince you that their requests are legitimate. The majority of fraud is not committed by amateurs and they will use technology to their advantage.

Look out for these red flags and be suspicious:

Variation: Combining romance and investment scams

The CAFC is noticing an increase in a combination of romance and investment scams which are often referred to as "pig butchering". In these scams, victims are contacted on dating apps or social media by a fraudster who is attempting to develop a relationship with the victim in order to gain the victim's trust. After trust is gained, the fraudster will claim that they have been a successful investor in cryptocurrency and can help the victim also make money and "get rich". Learn more about these scams.

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