Bank investigator

Scam medium:

  • Phone and fax


  • Individuals

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A scammer calls you to ask for your help to catch a bank employee who has been stealing money or claims to be helping you resolve suspicious transactions on your bank account.

New Variation: Dial *72

Victims are directed to dial *72 followed by a phone number. *72 is used to forward any calls to the victim's phone number to an alternate phone number. If *72 is dialed by the victim, suspects will receive all incoming calls including legitimate financial institution phone calls that may potentially flag actual fraudulent charges by the suspects.

New Variation: Residence visits

Fraudsters go to the victim's residence in person to pick up their bank cards. Some recent reporting identified victims being directed to put their bank card and PIN number in an envelope and place on their front steps for pick-up by an "investigator". Fraudsters retrieve the card and proceed to complete unauthorized transactions.

Variation: Catch a bank employee

A scammer calls you to ask for your help to catch a bank employee who has been stealing money. To help, you need to go to your bank and make a cash withdrawal from your account. The scammer tells you not to let the bank teller know what you're doing because the teller might be involved. After the withdrawal, the scammer meets you in a nearby parking lot, where you turn over the cash.

Variation: Unauthorized charges or compromised account

In a variation of this scam, the scammer claims to be from the bank or a major credit card provider. They say there are unauthorized charges on your account or your account is compromised. In some cases, the scammer demands that you provide your credit card information. The scammer will tell you to send money for reimbursement fees or as "bait money" to help catch a bad "employee".

Warning signs and how to protect yourself

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