Fraud initiated on social networks

Below are the top methods used to initiate fraud on social networks:

Fake accounts
Scammers will create their accounts typically using stolen photos and information from legitimate people.
Social media bots
This type of bot uses fake accounts to automatically generate and amplify specific messaging, such as advertising and fake reviews. Since bots are automated, they work 24/7.
Compromised accounts

When scammers gain access to social media accounts, they also gain access to all of the information associated to the account. They can use this information for:

  • blackmail
  • identity theft
  • publishing fake ads
  • targeting others on your contact list

Scammers recognize that consumers spend a lot of time on social media and will try to trick people into giving them information by:

  • posting ads for free trials
  • promoting discounted merchandise
  • offering fake job opportunities

How to protect yourself from fraud on social networks

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