Fraud initiated by mail or in person

Below are the top methods used to initiate fraud through mail or in person:

Personalized templates

Scammers use a template letter that has your name in the greeting and some other personal information.This is to make you believe it is from a trustworthy and legitimate source.

These letters often tell the reader:

  • that someone has passed away and left them money
  • they are the winner of a lottery or sweepstakes etc.

Scammers need stamps to send their mail. They may use fake stamps or purchase rolls of legitimate stamps by using stolen credit cards. Every year, fake stamps cost Canada Post up to $10 million.

Fraudulent indicia

Scammers may attempt to use a corporate postal indicium to have their mail delivered and to look more legitimate. These postage-paid postal markings identify the service name and customer number.

High pressure sales

Scammers may offer products and services that you do not need but will attempt to convince you that you need the product right now. They will tell you that the price has been heavily discounted and that it is only available until they leave.

How to protect yourself from fraud committed through mail or in person

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